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What is Gothic?

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The original meaning was to refer to the Goths, a Germanic tribe in Western Europe.
The extended meaning refers to an artistic style. It can be used in various art fields including architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, clothing, fonts, and many more.
There are three main features of Gothic art style: mystery, death and decadence. Derivative features include exaggeration, asymmetry, peculiarity, multiple decorations, gorgeousness, darkness, depression, towering, eerie, weird, mysterious, horror, etc.
Dark style has seen a resurgence in recent years, and as far as Gothic style goes, it requires a sense of style and a love of black, proving that adherents of this lifestyle bring more to the table than we usually see. Gothic is power. Gothic is gorgeous. Gothic is fascinating.
Whether intentional or not, Netflix's hit TV show "Wednesday" has had the effect of fueling Gen Z goth, putting Gothic style back on the fashion map.
Fashion is reincarnation. Contemporary fashion continues to take inspiration from the '90s, and the revival of Gothic is no surprise.
In conclusion, the Goth (short for Gothic) trend originated in the 80s after the punk subculture of the 70s. Seen as an eerie, mysterious and dark style, originally worn by young people who consider themselves outsiders or misunderstood, this style includes dark and dramatic makeup, eerie and vampire looks, and mysterious jewelry or accessories.
For a fashion trend that began as a form of aesthetic rebellion against mainstream culture, the return of Gothic to fashion in 2023 is simply the need of the times. Clothing style choices often reflect not only the individual, but also the current culture around them.
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